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NEW! Theme 3: Aubrey

–orange is the new black
–teen wolf
–the unbecoming of mara dyer
–the rules of attraction
–love, rosie

Theme 2: Su-Barbie-A

Hello, everyone! This is my second theme! It’s very simple, which seems to be popular with the cool kids these days. (I’m joking, guys; calm down. I don’t drink the Kool-Aid.) ANYWAY, here are some of its features:

  • customizable gradient
  • customizable title, description, sidbar pic
  • easy-to-customize colors for various elements of theme
  • customizable scrollbar
  • vintage computer styled links
  • minimalistic/simple
  • very easy to customize and work with
  • vintage computer styled update tab

If you use this theme, please like or reblog this post! If you have any questions, ask here. As always, please do not remove the credit!

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